Guess what? 1. A well-placed arrow can kill it, though spells may be more difficult since the slits are so narrow. The chaurus may trip it for you, if you get their attention. However, the Oculory can still be overwhelm… Paratus Decimius. Unfollow. You may reach it by zigzagging up the hill, starting from just north of the ore vein, and working your way up until you can jump down onto the wall. Down the tunnel, just before the next room, is an alcove with a moonstone ore vein and a handy pickaxe on a barrel. Beyond you may spy a Dwarven spider worker from a distance as it skitters about the gears in the next room. Keep heading east up the ramp, past more pottery and scrap metal. Find below information about Mzulft Observatory … The door is locked, so try opening it and you’ll speak with someone named Paratus. Sign In. Behind some Falmer fencing is a pair of iron boots, a pair of random gauntlets, a random potion of healing, an apothecary's satchel, and a lute. Once the puzzle is solved, you can leave via the southern door you saw earlier, though not without one more projection from Nerien, who will tell you to return to the College right away. This is the "Revealing the Unseen" quest that is found by following the quest line for the College of Winterhold. Find the ruins of Mzulft 3. Possible key glitch in Mzulft? Head left immediately from where you entered the room to find five sacs grouped together, then jump up and behind them to find a semi-hidden chest. To the right as you enter the main chamber, there is an apprentice-locked door leading to a room containing two chests, eighteen Dwarven metal ingots, and more Dwemer clutter and scrap. The tent on the second level contains a chest, a salmon to harvest, a bird's nest containing a pine thrush egg, and two more loose pine thrush eggs. Opens a door just inside the main entrance to Mzulft, granting access to the vast majority of the place. When you're done talking, follow him, taking note of the door to the south. You can find it by traveling directly South East from Windhelm . There are several moonstone ore veins in the first two zones and one in the last. The left one houses a leveled spider that will ambush you when you get close. Mzulft Observatory Key: 00 057b66: Mzulft Aedrome, in a chest in the easternmost room. Going straight puts you within grabbing distance of more metal items, plus a Dwarven metal ingot in a bowl. Mzulft Boilery. Interacting it will prompt a response from Paratus Decimuius. Proceed until you reach a room containing two dead Falmer. But when I got to the door it says that I need the key Mzulft Observatory Key Information. Need hlep finding the key to Reach the Oculory? Looking straight ahead in the main chamber, there is an expert-locked gate leading to a room containing a random enchanted Dwarven axe lying on a shelf, several more Dwarven metal ingots, and more Dwemer clutter and scrap. Proceed until you reach a room containing two dead Falmer. Mzulft Observatory Key 00057B66: Mzulft Room Key 000401F4: Nightcaller Temple Key 000C6321: Nightgate Inn Cellar Key 000ED02D: Niranye's House Key 0009C86E: Northwatch Captain's Key 000CA5EB: Northwatch Keep Key 00027F7A: Old Solitude Crypts Key 000648B6: Pawned Prawn Key 000FDEB3: Pelagius Wing Key Obtained during the quest "The Mind of Madness" 0002AC70: Pinewatch Key … Updated on May 28, 2012 ; Mzulft is a dungeon in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It is found in a chest in the Mzulft Aedrome. On the other side of the door there's a hallway it will be in a chest behind a dwarven centurion master (edited by A Fandom user) 0. He will prompted the Dragonborn to place the Focusing Crystal into the center of the Mzulft Oculary. To do this, leave the room through the doorway to the east and descend the ramp, then open the door at the bottom. Beyond is another spider, an unlocked chest, and a moonstone ore vein in a steam-filled dead end. On the ledges on either side of the room is some good loot, including two Dwarven metal ingots, two potions (one fortifying a random skill and the other restoring health, magicka or stamina) and a Scroll of Chain Lightning. The door to the north is trapped; either step back to avoid the spears from the floor when opening it, or disarm the adept-level tension cable at the bottom right of the door. Lost to the Ages - Dawnguard DLC ; I'm in Mzulft Aedrome and ran into this door, but apparently it requires a key. Major NPCs . How to SOLVE the Oculory Puzzle during the 'Revealing the Unseen' quest! Along the north side of the corridor, a gap that you can't squeeze through will give you a glimpse of what is to come. Focus the Oculory 10. Two Dwemer convectors can be found in Mzulft: one inside the main ruins, and another in the Dwarven Storeroom. Head on up to the Receptor Buttons and begin aligning each of the Oculary Light Receptors with the beam of light coming in. Page Discussion Edit History. Try to unlock the door, and you'll hear the voice of Paratus Decimius from behind it. Mzulft Key. You know what that means? An Aetherium shard can be found here for the Dawnguard quest Lost to the AgesDG. Adjust each of the rings so it aligns with the light beam. I have gotten the key for the door from the dying Mage. Mzulft Observatory Key “Mzulft Observatory Key” is an item in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. asked Jan 11 '12 at 17:34. fbrereto fbrereto. Once it is destroyed, you'll find three more Falmer corpses and an unlocked chest containing the Mzulft observatory key. Return the Crystal to Paratus 7. keep going east through several doors, to finally arrive at a room with a dwarven chest containing the Mzulft observatory key. Keys Weight. Back up the stairs and north into the next room, you might spot the sphere rolling around the far side of the room. With that positioned, arm the Dragonborn with a Fire Spell and a Frost Spell. Going north, the corridor is scattered with Dwarven metal items. If you jump from the top of the scaffolding in the beginning of the dungeon with the double beds and the paralysis scroll, it may cause you to fall through the map and advance further into the dungeon. After the battle, look for a chest containing the Mzulft Observatory Key (screen above). Effects . You'll come into a rectangular room with a shallow pool running down the length of it. More... What links here; Related changes; Special pages; Printable version; Permanent link; Page information; From Orcz. The door to the next zone awaits via the northeastern exit to the room, but first head all the way around the pool from the entrance, to the southwestern door. Opens a door just inside the main entrance to Mzulft, granting access to the vast majority of the place. Head right to skirt around the water, popping into a nook on the way for a random healing potion and a novice-locked chest. Dwarven ebon wolf mount location. Another is around the corner, hard to see through the steam. Back out in the corridor, continue west. He will unlock the door for you and engage you in conversation when it's open. On the ledge leading across to the far side where the sphere patrols is a set of three steam piston traps, then a set of pressure plates, then three more pistons. A scaffold leads up to another, equally dead researcher, two bed rolls, a random potion, a random scroll, a Falmer ear, and an apothecary's satchel. Page Discussion Edit History. UPDATE: If you don't see the beams on your PC version, try adjusting your light quality settings. A Falmer patrols from one entrance to the other. Now you can open the key-required door. In addition, a hidden chest is on top of the wall, near a pipe belching steam. User Info: space_108. Also, Gavros will not be in the entrance to Mzulft to give you the key. When all 3 beams bounce back to the middle, the puzzle is complete. Inside is a chaurus. 5/14/2014.

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