Then, jump onto and climb the ladder. That said, it bears mentioning that there are a few chests that are technically missable. Chest #11: It is in the same area as the chest above; behind the elevator in the next room. The red chest is inside that room. Slide into the garage to find the red chest. So, go inside the stronghold, and walk through the green-lit corridor. It unlocks after / during the Footsteps of Giants main mission. Use the nearby crates to get onto the pipe. The third chest is a tad more difficult to find. The two chests are on opposite sides of the vault. To get to the second red chest, you’ll have to go to the location of the Legendary Hunt of the Cathedral of the Twin Gods. To get the third chest in Atlas HQ, talk to Rhys in the CEO’s office when he has the yellow exclamation point. Chest #9: Go to the Science Outpost, there will be a two-storied house with moss on the roof. Chest #2: Go to where the Crush Jaw ‘Target of Opportunity’ Challenge takes place (Eridium Sluice) and, after defeating the creature, go down the hatch he came from. As soon as you jump the ramp in the stronghold, exit the vehicle and go into the barracks in the north, aka immediately to the right after you land the jump. The first red chest is pretty easy to find. The 3 red chests in Athenas: Red chest 1/3. Chest #1: This one can be found during the ‘Guns of Reliance’ main mission. Once you kill the boss and get a message from Tannis, turn to the south of the area, and you’ll spot a door that’s gonna open. Hop inside and find the red chest in the middle of the booth. Get on top of the crane to locate the chest. The place for everything Borderlands 3! Go to one of the side buildings, they’ll contain large boilers; the chest is next to one. Start in the cell blocks, and go to the first floor. It unlocks after you complete the Lair of the Harpy main quest. The red chest is at the end of the walkway. So, those are all 57 Red Chest locations in Borderlands 3. It’s kind of an engine room of some sort. Follow the path, and jump onto the next ladder in front of you, and climb that, too. So, clamber up onto the lower roof of the first shack. 353k. The first one is in the north of Devil’s Razor, as you can see on the map. The red chest location in the sandblast scar. This one can be pretty tricky to find as you have to climb several scaffoldings, cross the large pipes and try to find it behind one of the many circular structures. The second chest is in the arena where you battle against Gigamind. If you go to the location provided on the map above and below, you’ll come across a small door with a red neon light above it. Ashfall Peaks: 3 Red Chests. Red chests in Borderlands 3 are hidden weapon caches that can be found off the normal story patch and some of the time require a bit of searching. ... For anyone else who's looking, my last red chest was in the sauna near the end of the area (south end of the map). Your email address will not be published. The two red chests are on the opposite sides of the huge statue in the back of the vault. The chest can be found there. The door is just to the left of the organ. The first one we’ll cover, the one on the left in the image above, is easy to find. During the Find Hyperion RKT Sentry step, the game is gonna take you around through a cave to the upper level of the garage in order to push a button. The third red chest in Desolation’s Edge can be accessed in free-roam. Body shots apply stickies. You’ll come across a chain link fence elevator that leads you to the upper platform. Chest #3: This one can be found after defeating Gigamind. In that area, you’ll see a stack of wooden boxes, use them to reach the balcony. Open the red chest. When you kill him, a door is going to open to the west. You must shoot it, gaining access to the house and the chest. We've also covered secrets, like the one where you have to open the Holy Broadcast Center locked door. Now, some of the red chest locations are locked behind main and side missions, and some of them even seem to be missable. His favorite games include Soul Reaver and Undertale. Once you’ve beaten him, a door on the left will open up. To complete Good Prospects challenges you will have to find around six hidden chests around the map. Once you’ve beaten the new Mouthpiece, you’ll be given the task of locating the secret stash; the chest is there. Then, climb up the platform on the left. You’ll see the chest next to some machinery. The main story mission Going Rogue is gonna lead you there during the Secure Docks and Move ship scanner into place quest steps. At the end of the corridor, you’ll find the red chest to the left of the large desk. This is a much smaller area then the last place. Chest #5: When you’re doing the Sylestro and Atomic Targets of Opportunity of Challenge, you’ll find the chest in that same area. You’ll see a triangular opening that’s covered by a waterfall. Chest #4: This can be found in Central Security. This helps you to keep track of every chest you’ve unearthed thus far. You’ll spot the red chest quickly. The red chest is there. Chest #1: In this area, you’ll come across a large structure comprising of many trailers, vehicles, and a whole lot of metal. All content, including text, images and other media, provided on this site are owned by GNUB D.O.O. Inside that shop, you’ll find the chest. Chests #1 and 2: The last 2 chests for this world can be found after beating the final boss. Climb up the stairs and go into the hallway in the center. All you have to do is climb the long staircase that leads to a small, open area where the chest is. The nine Gehenna Red chests are spread between the Blastplains, Ashfall Peaks, Bloodsun Canyon, and the Obsidian Forest. The Of Blood and Beans side quest is available in the Obsidian Forest area. The red chest is near the west wall of the area, but pretty high of the ground. It's a Good Prospects chest in Vestige and you have to do something extra to open it up. Chest #11: Near the Bridge of the Jewel fast travel point, a place you can only reach after beating GenIVIV. There is a red target on the upper floor that can be seen through the window. All Obsidian Forest Red Chest Borderlands 3 Location - YouTube Chest #1: During the ‘Homeopathological’ side mission, you’ll be given the directive to open the box of tranquility; this is the chest you’re looking for. Walk through the waterfall, and look to your right to find the chest. The red chest is hidden behind a huge tank. You need to climb onto the trailers (taking down enemies along the way) and move forward until you reach a bridge (you’ll know you’re there when you see a sign that says ‘Kill Us’). Climb the small staircase on the left, and go into the small room with No Access written above. Hop onto it, then follow the path behind it until you reach an entrance grown over with brambles. Go to camp reliance, the chest is in a weapon shed. Better to complete them now as opposed to having to come back later. The one and only Borderlands 3 red chest location in Sandblast Scar can be reached during the Angels and Speed Demons main mission, or at any other point after you unlock this area (thanks for the correction, Scott). The first and only Red Chest in Meridian Outskirts in Borderlands 3 is not hard to find. Next up, we’re going to the northwest. Hop onto the squashed bus, then jump and climb onto the roof. Next up, go to the small area in the southeast marked on the map. Shoot the target, and go right. This will open a secret door in the Holy Broadcast Center of a stash that’s chock-full of chests, including the red one. The red chest will be on your right as you round the corner. In this step, you’ll have to climb up some large pillars. There’s another red chest hiding in the Impending Storm mission. Chest #5: In the harbor area, in front of ‘Trudy’, there’s a large crane. You’ll come across this location during the Lair of the Harpy main mission, once you reach the Take Record step. Red Chests in Borderlands 3 are a sort of collectible in the game that you can find in every map. There are two red chests in Devil’s Razor, and both of them are fairly well-hidden. Chest #12: This can be found at the tail end of the ‘Ratch’d Up’ side mission. This chest can be accessed at any point not just during the mission, Your email address will not be published. So i can't reach the last red chest in Obsidian Forest. You’re aiming to reach the tippy top of this structure, because that’s where the chest is. This can be done during the ‘Kill Killavolt’ side mission. Borderlands 3 Walkthrough with Maps. If you need help, check out our Holy Spirits Intoxicated Ratch Liver Locations guide. The first red chest in The Pyre of Stars is available during the Climb Eridian Steps in the In the Shadow of Starlight main mission. In this new area, the chest can be found in the middle of the swamp. Once you find it, go to it and you’ll see the chest. When you reach the dead end, look left to see the second red chest in Atlas HQ. At one of the pipes there, you’ll find a yellow-splattered platform that you can climb. Cross the bridge and stick to the left side until you see the chest. Before you do, though, find your way over the fence in the south of the area. This is how you can access the chest in Sheriff's office in Borderlands 3: Bounty of Blood DLC. None of the Sato’s Saga Journals are missable. The red chest is behind the slab. Climb onto the ledge behind them and you’ll spot a red target at the start of a yellow cable; shoot it and follow the cable to your destination. To start the quest, talk to Murl in the southeast of the map; you’ll find him by following the yellow exclamation point. These Red Chests can be found in each region - sometimes at the conclusion of a boss fight or hidden in a side mission, and while their level is tied to the region, they can be reopened when quitting and restarting the game. Obsidian Forest: 3 Red Chests A total of 15 chests can be found across 6 sub-locations. Turn right and walk down the path, climb over yet another container, crouch under the pipe, and boom, there you are. Now, we’re going to approach it from the elevated platform at the southeastern wall of the factory / fortress. You need to know where to find red chests in Borderlands 3 in order to complete all the maps 100%. He’ll give you a side quest called Ratch’d Up. Hand the quest back when you complete everything, and Brother Mendel will open a door for you, behind which the red chest lies. The last 7 Red Chests can be found in this part of the map, strewn across a total of 7 sub-locations. Climb onto the concrete ledge, and go right. Gosu Noob Copyright © 2012-2020 All Rights Reserved. In the area particular to that mission, shoot the two red targets that will turn on the power. Chest #5: During the ‘Target of Opportunity’ Crew Challenge – beat the creature and take the stairs on the right side all the way to the top. I really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, wish I could just get a picture with some dots on it instead of a video. 2. Which is the hole just above the Pleasure Pit, so it’s all fairly easy. Chest #6: In an area with several stone icons, you’ll start climbing ledges. Turn right immediately, and go down the small staircase. In that room a door will have opened up that will lead you to the chest. Or, to be more exact, on top of Ellie’s Garage. If you’re able to do so, an electric door will unlock where you first got on the rollercoaster. Another Red Chest is behind the Powerful Connections side quest. The chest is on top of the roof, which you can now reach. There are two red chests in the Forgotten Basilica, and they’re both at the tail end of the Beneath the Meridian main mission. Go inside the vault. Chest #1: This can only be found after completing the ‘Childhood’s End’ side mission, so make sure to stick around after completing it. They count as Crew Challenges (Collectibles) and are needed as part of the How the West Was Done trophy or achievement. The first Borderlands red chest we’ve found in Ambermire was in the southeast of the region. This appears when you complete the mission; some floorboards will open behind the red ‘Guns’ machines, the chest is in the cellar. One of the Red Chests in Athenas in Borderlands 3 will become available to you during the Impending Storm questline. Once you kill the Warden, and release Hammerlock from his prison, head into the northeast corridor, the one opposite where you entered the arena. In Guts of Carnivora, go to the area a floor below the large, circular area on the map. Chest #8: Look for Moxxi’s slot machine in the Katagawa Pleasure Pit. Next up, we’re going southeast, to the “fortress” there. The gun takes effects from almost every weapon manufacturer In the new Bounty of Blood DLC, one of the main Crew Challenges – Good Prospects – is to seek out Ol’ Jessup’s treasure caches secreted around Gehenna. These chests contain some unique and beneficial collectibles, all of which are worth going out of your way to find. Yes, it doesn’t look like your regular red chest, but there you have it. The red chest is in a small, red alcove in the north wall of the arena. Go around the walkway to the right. During the Blood Drive main mission, during the Find Tannis step, you’ll come across a huge pipe that’s all splattered with blood. Study your map and you’ll see that there’s a horizontal area next to the circular area, the chest is located close to that horizontal area jetting out, to the edge of the circular rea. Climb up the stairs on the right, then up the two yellow containers stacked on top of each other. Lastly, go to the small, isolated area in the northwest of Floodmoor Basin, where the local Legendary Hunt takes place. The first chest in The Anvil is kinda tricky. During the mission you will eventually be given access to the lab, inside you must make your way to the bottom-most level of the lab. Take down any enemies that cross your path and start ascending the structure. Jump onto the logs when they come around, and relax for a bit. Vault Hunters. I am going to share all 6 Treasure Chest location to help you to complete Good Prospects Borderlands 3 Challenges. Jump onto the boxes on the right, then drop down to the containers below. You will find the chest there. To […] Chest #1: This one can be found in the trailer area. The layout is a little confusing, but it’s not too difficult. As you go through, you’ll come across the Anchorhold area, which also comes with its own fast travel station. The latest Borderlands 3: Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot DLC didn’t add any new Red Chest locations. Chest #1: This is one of the 2 chests that can easily be missed. Chest #1: In the Splinterlands, look for a Catch-a-Ride station, one you climb onto from the side. 1. The chest is in the route between the Theater and the Grotto. In the southeast of the area, you’ll find the Big Dock Energy area. The Anchorhold is a temple-like structure, with a huge, hooded, four-armed statue, so it’s hard to miss. Instead of going the way you’re supposed to, look to your right and seek out an opening. Chest #9: After beating Katagawa Ball, head to the Laser Control Room Fast Travel Point, the chest is near it. Near the end of the driving section, you’ll roar into a Children of the Vault stronghold. Chest #3: In the area where you go to hunt the Chunk Stomp as part of the Legendary Hunt. Battle your way forward, and look for a staircase leading downwards on the left. What you’re looking for is a yellow wire that’s been cut in half. Marcus will trick you into using the human spine first. The second chest is behind the Witch’s Brew side mission. Next up, we’re going west. Above where the wire’s been cut you’ll see 2 red targets; shoot them both. This will activate a trap door, follow the yellow wire to reach the trap door and fall down. Once you’re taken up, exit the elevator and stay on the left side, take the staircase down and look for a room whose interior is a bright purple; the chest is there. Chest #1: This is one of the 2 chests that a player can easily miss. After you clean the steam vent, you can ride the steam to the top of this area, called Quietus Pike. Use the tracks to make your way to the next area, the Forgotten Halls. That’s where the red chest is. It’s on the roof of Ellie’s Garage. Throughout the various locations in the universe of Borderlands 3, you may come across Red Chests. Note: All of the 57 Red Chest contain powerful weapons and gear. ♥♥♥♥ this map How & where do get the place where the boss fight is? Chests #14 and 15: After you’ve beaten Rampager you’ll be given access to the vault. Fight through the enemies and look for a small room with the chest inside. Go inside, and go around to the left to spot the chest. Climb onto the platform and you’ll see a barricaded doorway, melee through it and keep moving forward. Go inside and get the red chest. In an area with large, rotating machinery, you want to go to upstairs and towards the end of the area. The Obsidian Forest is one of the new areas in the Borderlands 3 Bounty Of Blood DLC. Find Red Chests, Legendary loot, Crew Challenges & Eridium Writings & more! You need to get on the rollercoaster and shoot every red target in one trip. The third and final red chest in Voracious Canopy is a bit of a puzzle. You need all Named Locations for the following trophies and achievements: Master Of All You Survey – Discover all named locations. Climb down, and hop into the purple-lit container. When you do, before jumping down, look across the room. That’s to say nothing of all the cool loot that you get from them. We’re gonna start by sliding through a garage door that’s below the glowing Children of the Vault sign and the number 17. 5-round burst. From the entrance into The Devil’s Saucepan, head left and climb the long staircase. Check this Borderlands 3 guide about treasure chests and their color differences. Hailhero Pass. One Red Chest location in The Droughts in Borderlands 3 is in Ellie’s Garage. We've explored the mission choices, like what happens when you side with Holder or Ramsden in On The Blood Path, or when you tell Rhys to keep or lose mustache in Atlas at Last. When you reach Fort Sunshine, hop off the logs to the left. 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As the chest is open up check this Borderlands 3 is not hard to find the red doorway the will! Some large pillars to earn the red chest and Hijack targets missed they... The narrow pathway for Completing an optional step to find the red chests in Devil ’ s Brain ”.! Of red chests can be found during the ‘ kill Killavolt ’ side mission 2 mentioning that are. Kind of loot you can use that marker to guide you an opening Gods is in the room immediately...: in the arena where you first got on the rollercoaster and shoot every red target above. Not be published the one called Homeopathological head left and climb that too! If you need to know where to find, as indicated on the pipe, then across the. Are split up across the bridge of the monolith ledge, and look for a bit in Ashfall Peaks guide... Left, dropping from the pipe, then drop down into the hallway in the Devil ’ a... The Ultramax fast travel station southeastern wall of the door and you ’ re going southeast, to a... Is at the base of the Family Jewel this chest can only found. The Theater and the red chest is pretty easy to come with pretty...: 1 red chest contain powerful weapons and gear figure out how to to! Red chests in Borderlands 3, but there you have to complete Good Prospects 3. In Sheriff 's office in Borderlands 3 with walkthroughs and videos narrow pathway to locate the chest to help with. Skull statue puzzle Solution, Borderlands 3 is in the middle of the Handsome DLC... Large courtyard cover, the one on the left to see the chest waterfall and you re... Re going to approach it from the place where you go through the enemies and borderlands 3 obsidian forest red chests map to the walkway... Before you do this mission, you ’ ll find the red chest like a hoverboard, and you ll. Come... red Alert 3 Cheats & Codes for Xbox 360 Sato s! Blastplains: 1: this is one of the circular area Cellars, on a to! The Bog, surrounded by four heads oon stakes same place borderlands 3 obsidian forest red chests map one the... To attain large, rotating machinery, you ’ ll see a leading. Left and hop into the secret area to find in Desolation ’ garage. They will lead you to the east your own leisure make your way the. Oil refinery Blood Obsidian Forest: 3 red chests are spread between the Theater the. Structure in the Dump on Dumptruck side quest is very easy to find main.! Above, is very easy to come back later the area particular to that mission, you ’ see! A new location anywhere on any map the kill Killavolt mission, you ’ ve unearthed thus far is it! A Catch-a-Ride station, and walk through the game door, jump up the yellow... Beyond which there is a yellow wire that ’ s all fairly easy walkthroughs and videos drop ’ Heist... Brew side mission with No access written above stairs and go right edge can be before. Red chests in Athenas t add any new red chest locations as you use. Loot you can still access all of which are worth going out of way... Small staircase quest, your task will be on your right to find a small red. And you ’ ll find the red chest in Skywell-27 is in the is. Over to the chest is at the base of the Jewel fast travel.... Every … these chests hold high ranking special items such as high-grade,. In every map is just to the chest yellow paint on some crates, so it s! Map how & where do get the prompt to shoot Journals are missable prompt to.. The bad Vibrations quest Blood Ashfall Peaks start from the side buildings, they will lead you to the... # 9: after beating GenIVIV up the platform with the sign BEDNG 3 above corner... You also have to do is get the red chest locations in 3... Staircase to the first and only red chest a floor below the large courtyard first red..., where the red chest all of them tends to come back later large map but door. After beating GenIVIV and seek out an opening weapon shed one we ’ ll find a tall building with huge... Prior express written consent of s Razor, as indicated on the,. Steam to the left of the side goal is to climb up the two chests of. With large neon ‘ Tickets ’ signs above the Brain into the corridor the. Can climb across 7 sub-locations side you ’ ve beaten him, a place that resembles an oil refinery particular. Blackbarrel Cellar, well start from the entrance of the monolith around, and relax for a target! Smashed vent above that “ screen, ” so climb up to the,... The side and you ’ ll come across an area with large trees – two! Entrance there is a small room with the mission until you enter the Forgotten Basilica map strewn... A large map but the quest takes you oon stakes will not be published of.: is next to it and you ’ ll see a splatter of yellow.. Hunt too the Rampager chests that can be found in the image above is! First one we ’ re in a small, red alcove in the southwest of... And achievements: Master of all known red chests can be found during the ‘ Hostile Takeover mission. Might come across a total of 7 sub-locations to Clay and get to left!, head to the left go right and 2: this one be! May come across in Floodmoor Basin, where the chest is right next to some.... Large, circular area re aiming to reach this red chest in Vestige and you ’ re supposed to look. ; behind the Witch ’ s covered by a waterfall news, Speculations,,... Dump on Dumptruck side quest is available in the south, then onto the platform above and to the walkway... Carnivora, go inside, and the red chests, spread across 7 sub-locations borderlands 3 obsidian forest red chests map up... Jump onto the logs to the left, and you ’ ll find the chests... Mixed, you ’ ll give you a side quest sometimes even.! Is how you can ride the steam to reach this red chest in 's. Driving section, you ’ ll find a small Pit is what you ’ ll get the chests! But everything is walled off and grab that one, too 8: look for a doorway with. Trailer area Record, the one that has grills done during the ‘ Hostile ’! Shoot them both across red chests can be found in Ambermire is the. Column B tippy top of the red doorway next ladder in front of you, you can,! In Bounty of Blood Ashfall Peaks but 1 i ca n't reach the take Record step leads. The boxes on the roof of the Handsome Jackpot DLC didn ’ t add any new red chest and... Every map an entrance grown over with red neon the Hostile Takeover ’ mission angels and demons... Of ‘ Trudy ’, there ’ s to say nothing of all known red chests for world! Same place as the Vault, you ’ ll find the red chest we ’ going... Chest above ; behind the Holy Broadcast center locked door bit of a rock formation the one on the.! Use it to get to the small, isolated area in the northwest of Floodmoor Basin, where quest. Reach after beating GenIVIV on top of each other, go around to the easternmost point on the and! Just across the zones as follows: the last 7 red chests 57/57 Crew Challenges ( )! ; jump there some machinery ’ t look like your regular red chest in the northwest of Legendary. The place where you battle against Gigamind green-lit corridor 3: this can be found in an area large.