These sites are all reputable, but they represent different types of products. Just listen to the music on the shows, during the commercials, or when you open up your streaming video apps. Libraries like AudioJungle and Pond5 charge the buyer the Sync Fee directly, take a commission for facilitating the transaction (usually between 40-60%), then send you a check. Change the colors, logos, and artwork to match your branding. They will know the minute you launch a new product! The benefit is that it's a kind of insurance policy against a stock plummeting in value—you'll automatically sell your position once it hits the lowest price you're willing to accept for the stock. Instead, a musician wrote a piece of music, partnered with a publisher or music library, and the TV show bought the song “off-the-shelf.”. Inspired by an episode of The Side Hustle Show, he created the Stock Music Alliance to help other aspiring musicians pursue their music licensing ideas. NON-EXCLUSIVE PARTICIPATION We work with composers on a non-exclusive basis. You can have unlimited product listings! Selling band merchandise is one of the best ways to make extra money while working as a musician. Listen for the style of music that is hot right now. A licensing agreement spells out the terms and rights for both the buyer and the musician. The minute you sell a track, you will have your money in your pocket immediately. Next time you turn on the TV, I want you to do an exercise. Pond5 gives artists a 50% commission, which is where I get most of my sync money from. I don’t usually bother with copyright because you would also need to be able to afford to hire a lawyer to enforce your copyright. Add your payment information so your buyers can pay you.4. Artists: Upload your creative work, set your own price, and earn 50% of each sale. Stock signed a publishing contract when he was nineteen after earning a reputation as a budding songwriter, although no one had suggested a full-time career in the music world was a possibility. If you’re songs aren’t professional studio quality, don’t send them to supervisors. No more hassle of dealing with large files! Try Sellfy for free, no credit card required. Amplify your creative ideas with exclusive royalty free stock music from Shutterstock. Your song would need to be really good to stand out. I’ve been writing and recording for many years, and am about to jump in the stock music pond. That means you won’t make much money, and, more importantly, you won’t experience the positive feedback loop of selling enough songs to stay motivated or improve. Because of presets, tuning issues, instrument choice etc, you can probably do 4 death metal songs in a weekend much faster than doing a bosa nova, a waltz, a classic rock song and a death metal song. Let me walk you through the 7 simple steps to start making money with stock music. Conversely, upbeat pop music with a ukulele is incredibly popular with buyers, but the market is very saturated with sellers. Tens of thousands of people have heard my music — they just haven’t realized it. Songwriters own the songs they write and, separately, they also own the recordings they make–these are two separate sets of rights. Instead of paying per music license, the stock music site sells yearly subscriptions for $200. The more songs you write, the better your odds. 4/30/2015 41 Comments Roughly a month ago I began writing music for stock music websites. Where hit songs you hear on the radio require special permission, clearance fees, and ongoing royalties for corporate use, stock music is typically sold for a one-off licensing fee. Hey Evan here, just wanted to let you know I’ll be checking in from time to time, so if you have any questions, just let me know! For starters, we don’t limit the number of files you can sell. Browse royalty-free music on Adobe Stock today. I’m a moderately talented musician with a simple home studio and I’ve been earning thousands of dollars a year in passive income through music licensing. Stock media has a bad reputation for being cheesy, “dated”, and lacking in quality. Plus this gives you more opportunities to get in front of buyers. You have to upload your files and provide your own keywords and description so that buyers can find your tracks. If you love making music, it’s a great way to earn extra money. Simply add a link to your products on social media platforms like YouTube & Sound Cloud or use our embed feature and sell on your own website or Facebook store. if you have over 500 tracks which I do this may work out better for you because when people land on your site they are only listening to your music. If you have a talent for writing and composing music, then you can make money from your talents by selling stock audio!Sellfy is the perfect place for selling stock music. Every time a buyer purchases a license for your song, you get paid. And most vloggers and podcasters are working on even tighter budgets and timelines. Most TV shows simply don’t have a budget to commission dozens of bespoke songs per episode. just got my first one approved on Pond 5 yesterday! And you never know when your local sporting goods store is going to have an Oktoberfest sale. A lot of people are unwilling to commit to a sound or an effect, but this will really slow you down in the long run. Explore the world’s largest royalty-free stock video footage collection including over 22 million clips in 4K, HD, and 360 video. This was a ton of condensed info and I really feel grateful that its out there at a great level for people ready to upload at a decent mixing level (me) and to start getting their songs approved. I’m looking to start my own music store. Nick’s Notes: You’ll also be able to browse the “Top Authors” section (in the sidebar above) to see what kind of tunes they’re creating. Other sites like are only exclusive. I do offer one on one coaching if you want to check out my website. We will never limit the number of tracks or albums you can sell. Join the 65,000 Who Get My Best Stuff via Email. In many ways, making stock music is like long-tail SEO. Artlist. This is a great guide. Note: Much like with software, they are only buying a license to use your song. Musicians all across the globe are making a profit selling their stock music online. Our unlimited library provides all the stock music and sound effects you need to tell your story. Gone are the days of elevator music, gently wailing 80’s guitars, and sax melodies (sorry if that’s your thing). Selling Stock Is Hard . There are lots of libraries out there selling stock music — but most aren’t right for beginners. With a fully automated merch store, you can generate income without taking any time away from writing and performing music. How did you split one song into 5-6 different uploads? With unlimited products, you can be as creative as you want to be! If you’re already enjoying making the music, any money you earn on the side is just a huge win. Really pay attention to ALL the background music that plays. I’d estimate that I probably get one sale a month for every 30 files I upload. This opportunity arose as I had a couple months break in my composing of concert music and had a chance to finally pursue producing commercial music, something I've wanted to try for quite some time. You want to start selling royalty free music and just discovered Audiojungle. At the end of a quarter, your PRO sends you a check based on the frequency with which your song was broadcast. Hi Sergio! I know some of the big artists have Youtube channels with links to their music (look at Basspartout on Youtube). I knew sellfy was the right choice right when I saw that my earnings reached a high enough value to make a living out of it. The stock music I make is usually for one production company. Who knows what it will be next? is a professional stock audio library, which is worth taking into consideration if you are looking to download royalty free stock music. He’s earning healthy passive royalty checks selling and licensing his music in the digital economy and explains how you can do the same. That stuff is actually pretty straightforward. Sellfy helped me grow my business from a part time hobby, to a full time business that could support myself and my family. [6] In 1970 Stock earned a placement at the University of Hull to study Drama and Theology and formed a band with a fellow student, the later acclaimed Oscar -winning director, Anthony Minghella . Then, for that one time fee, you get unlimited access to their vast stock music library. Our best list is updated weekly. This is going to be a gross oversimplification, but music copyright basically works like this. I never know where i stand in terms of copyright and PROs when it comes to stock music. Isn’t it such a beautiful feeling to know there’s a market and target audience for almost anything to promote and sell online ? There’s all kinds of ways to make money online. Thanks Kevin, I haven’t really found that I was able to move the needle too much in terms of driving sales. Would like to hear more details about that as well. Now it’s trap style drums. Your best song is always going to be the next one you write, but that doesn’t mean you should wait to release the current one. I am just getting started building my library. You need your song to immediately establish its vibe, and then to end strongly and resolutely. You also make a lot more money for music with vocals, but unless you’re a very good singer (I mostly do instrumentals), you’ll have to hire someone, which gets expensive. It is not only the biggest stock audio collection, but it is also the very best. You have to sign up with a PRO (I recommend BMI), and register all of your songs with them. Finally, you may want to brainstorm some of the best uses for the song you could think. I have a lot of systems in place where I can make 5-20 songs per week (thanks to a lot of free time) and I am hoping that will start generating some sales within the first few months. You can also save yourself a lot of time by writing/uploading songs in clusters. Do you file copyrights on the tunes before you upload? Pond5 only does non-exclusive songs. But my stock music songs aren’t really designed to be hits. How to sell band merch online. You need to improve your skills as a songwriter and a producer/mixer. Our features include email marketing capabilities that will save you time and money. Your article was a big help! Traditional stock music licensing through Pond 5 won’t create the type of streams that need ISRC/ISWC codes. My songs have been on NPR, the Outdoor channel and Verizon’s On Demand channel, among others. Well, stock music is basically the audio equivalent. In this wonderful world we live in, permission is usually given in exchange for money. Tune out the dialogue. Finally! I don’t, because it would be hard to find violations and expensive to enforce them. For beginners, I recommend selling your songs on two sites: They have just the right combination of reasonable quality standards and a large group of buyers. In fact, as digital media channels proliferate (apps, Youtube, your favorite side hustle podcast), the demand for affordable, licensable music keeps growing to keep up the pace. Get even more sales when with Sellfy’s upselling features. Create your own Sellfy account.2. Thank you in advance. I never ventured into music because I don’t think it’s for me. To simplify the process, music libraries get pre-approval to license songs and group together portfolios of thousands of recordings. People generally want songs that have a forward arc to them, not simple loops. I'll also send you my free guide: The 5 Fastest Ways to Make More Money. Here’s how the math tends to work out for me. Artlist takes a different approach to the stock music site pricing. I also believe that in less than a decade, most music will end up being free like it is on Bensound and Joystock: Building a store with Sellfy lets you sell stock music anywhere online. You want to focus on the emotions and mood that the song brings out, and you also want to be descriptive in terms of what the song sounds like. [8] Minor tweaks can make a huge difference. You’re probably familiar with stock photos — the often-cheesy images that fill the Internet. Tip: Wait until you’ve got some experience in the industry before you agree to lock up your songs permanently through exclusive deals. Sites like AudioJungle will list their bestselling songs: Search for those genres and see what comes up. I wish the mind I have now I would’ve had toward online marketing 20 years ago. Add your stock music to your store and write nice descriptions.3. You want to make sales from your music fast but you have no idea about the marketplace. Production ready stock music for any theme, moment, or emotion. Some best practices for keywords include using as many as the site allows. Since then he’s earned thousands of dollars and secured placements on TV and Radio stations around the world. Our built-in features, like the ones for email marketing, will help you send out newsletters, product launch information, and updates to all of your customers!, Thanks Evan, this is great advice! Sites like bandzoogle allow you sell your own downloads for about 20 dollars per month. AudioJungle has the option of doing songs either exclusively or non-exclusively (in exchange for a larger commission). How to Make Money as a Musician Creating and Selling Stock Music. This contribution on music licensing comes from Evan Oxhorn, the founder of Can you venture a guess as to if there’s much of a market for stock music of instruments that don’t have built in harmony, such as trumpet etc? The traditional path to “making it” as a musician looks something like this: That model may be on its way out, but the new economy where part-time musicians create and license music from their homes is only beginning. After years of selling stock music on multiple sites I have come to conclusion that the best way to earn a living is to start your own website. The next month you add another 30 new songs, while the old songs are out there still selling for you. You give hope to aspiring artist! Thanks for the questions! Discover the 3-step action plan to get you started in licensing your music. So in the beginning, stick with non-exclusive libraries that don’t last forever. But the real secret sauce comes in answering the following questions: These are all huge topics and I could talk for hours about them. Question: And congrats on your $1800 licensing fee. You still retain all of your rights, and can continue to license your song over and over again, continuing to earn passive income from a single recording. Please be advised, that we're temporarily suspending submissions of new audio from new and some existing Authors from 1 April 2019 until further notice. You can go to sites like iStockPhoto or ShutterStock and search for off-the-shelf images to portray just about any concept you can imagine, from wads of cash to smiling families. When to sell your music online. Performance royalties are generally due to songwriters every time a song is publicly performed or broadcast on a large scale. You won’t need to purchase expensive software to let your customers know about updates and announcements. Here's an all-too-common scenario: You buy shares of stock at $25 with the intention of selling it if it reaches $30. What Types of Songs are Best for Licensing? A platform where my musically talented children can put their passion to work for them. Once your music is ready to go, making your songs available for sale online is the easy part. Almost any type of song can sell–if it’s done well. It’s a beautiful feeling to know any aspiring entrepreneur can make money online 24 hours a day if they put their mind to it and become a future “side hustle millionaire.”. A few years ago it was ukuleles. Aspiring stock music producers. You’ll also want to chop your songs up into shorter versions. And here’s the cool thing: musicians you’ve never heard of created almost every single one of those songs, and they got paid for it. When it comes to selling stock music, the two types of royalties you’ll encounter are: Sync Fees or Sync Royalties are paid in order to secure your permission to “synchronize” your song with images or other material. Sell your work without selling out. The same is true with creative directors for advertisements. Simply tell Sellfy what you want to run a sale on, for how long and how much and our platform will do the rest of the work for you. (Like a TV show, web video, or commercial.). Musicians that want to get into stock music licensing. While there's no way we can help you with recording or promoting your stock music. At the same time, you don’t want to be creating music for an over-saturated niche. The added upsell and discount coupons helps to boost even more the sales! And it really helps to create templates in your recording software so you have your favorite sounds ready to go once you’ve figured out where your wheelhouse is (i.e. Please check your entries and try again. But here are some quick answers. You just heard about Audiojungle but don't know how to get started. To make money with music licensing, those are the songs you’re aiming to make. If you make one song a week, you’ll probably end up with somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 files a month, and then one sale. Stock music represents a large segment of the music licensing market and it's by far the easiest and fastest way to get into the music licensing business. Thanks for this article! You also want to keep songs within a single mood–no manic changes between verse and chorus. You will NOT get placements, and you’ll risk burning bridges and getting a bad reputation in the business. It gives you an opportunity to find your “voice.” Some styles of music will really work well for you, and with exclusive libraries especially, it helps to pitch them with something like: “I can deliver 5 songs of Epic Cinematic Trailer music every quarter.” This is a way more attractive pitch then: “Hey I make some songs, check ’em out.”. 50/50 REVENUE SHARE You earn 50% of every sale. We also offer unlimited storage and bandwidth so file size isn’t an issue at all.When your store is ready to go, you will have everything you need to start marketing your products without investing in expensive third-party email marketing software. Your favorite artists and songs are included here and, many times, we believe that there is only this field within the music … Sync Fees or Sync Royalties are paid in order to secure your permission to “synchronize” your song with images or … And as a bonus, you can re-use most of the same keywords! (Though many prefer to be pitched through a trusted agent.). At the end of the day, music licensing is really a numbers game., try to sell millions of little plastic discs, You can earn some decent passive income licensing your music. You can learn how start licensing your music here. Awesome article, Evan, thanks! The first one, selling music for the final consumer, refers to all the music that usually we hear on the radio, television, iTunes, Spotify and Youtube. should i pay to have each song fully copyrighted so no one steals it before, and what about ISRC and ISWC codes… how do they fit in the stock music realm? I’m constantly surprised by what sells. Best wishes for continued success! Building a store with Sellfy lets you sell stock music anywhere online. You're in! One of the main things I teach in my course is the importance of a strong beginning and end to a song. That’s why we offer you complete customization of your store. How did I get an $1,800 check for having a 25 second clip of a song played on a Romanian TV show? Explore our curated music library, and find your ideal track in seconds. Make sure to check your email (including spam/promotions) for your free welcome gift. But we live & learn. ‍ Sellfy’s other features make selling your stock audio easier than ever, as well. The more you practice the better you’ll get. For new vendors selling music, we prefer a minimum of 30 music tracks, although you only need to submit three tracks with your artist application for our consideration. ‍Stock music is always in demand for video production, advertisements, presentations, and so much more! Nick’s Notes: Put more “Buy Buttons” out into the world and let people do business with you. How to earn $500 -$1000 per month with music licensing. What’s more, most of the songs weren’t created specifically for that show. Explore Music. Evan Oxhorn has been making music since second grade, but got started trying to figure out the music licensing business in 2014. Apologies for the cause. Silent Underground StudioOnline recording studio. Also known as production music, these are the songs and jingles that grace commercials, corporate trainings videos, YouTube videos, smartphone apps, podcast intros, and more. I recently put together a list of 8 more side hustles for musicians! :), This is so true! Christian Mate GrabFilmmaker/photographer. How to make money selling stock music online. Open a store and start selling your stock music today. An Alternative: Direct Outreach to Agents and Producers, Putting it Together: Starting Your Music Licensing Business. So if you’ve got a direct line to purchasers, marketing may be helpful. And still others, like are non-exclusive, but in perpetuity–meaning your songs will be non-exclusive forever, so you can’t move them to an exclusive library later. Discover 1,481,208 Royalty Free Music tracks and audio files from only $1 on AudioJungle. Explore Collections one for gangster rap, one for trap, one for old school hip hop). If there are already thousands of songs, you may want to try a different style. As you add your songs to more libraries (assuming they’re not exclusive), you’ll be able to create more sales opportunities per song. When a customer adds a product in their cart, you can create automatic suggestions for them so they are more inclined to keep shopping. Thanks for this informative article. Something went wrong. Lock in your sounds and move on. My first month selling stock music and audio. Embed your Sellfy store on your website or link to it from you social media. Free Workshop. I just came across your article, and I enjoyed it immensely. For instance, the need for bagpipe music might not be that huge, but there also aren’t a lot of people making it. Music Licensing Won’t Make You a Rock Star, Stock Music Sites: Where to Sell Stock Music, Overview of Music Licensing and Copyright. It just doesn’t seem worth it, unless the song became a huge hit. They come here to search for unique, affordable tracks made by real people and real musicians for music production, youtube content, and films. Cool? Hi Evan, This makes it convenient for buyers to quickly find the right song and secure the rights to use it. I would like to track the music and royalties. If your songs are truly professional quality (most of mine aren’t), you can try pitching your songs directly to music supervisors for TV shows, ad agencies, and movies. Don’t be afraid to use loops, samples, or instrument presets. Simply add a link to your products on social media platforms like YouTube & Sound Cloud or use our embed feature and sell on your own website or Facebook store.‍Sellfy’s other features make selling your stock audio easier than ever, as well. I’ve put together a free 5-day music licensing crash course on my site for Side Hustle Nation readers that goes into much more detail on how to write the right types of songs. This includes the main songs and the 5 or 6 alternate versions you make. Selling stock music has never been easier with our unlimited storage and bandwidth, as well. You never know what people will want, so it pays to cast a wide net. Sellfy makes sure you don’t have to wait for your money when you use Stripe or PayPal. God bless you for giving back! Some only work with professional-level musicians, and others will accept anybody, but they don’t have a large audience of buyers. If you work hard on your production skills, you will end up improving by leaps and bounds. Thanks much! Buyers can’t use a song without permission from both the songwriter and the owner of the audio recording. You continue to inspire me to keep working on my own music. In order to publicly broadcast music, everyone (from NBC to your local sports bar) has to secure a license from a Performing Rights Organization (PRO) like BMI or ASCAP. Sites like Pond5 and AudioJungle are essentially just big search engines. Ever since Napster came on the scene, it’s become impossible for musicians to earn money recording songs, right? You only need ISRC codes for things like streaming payments. There are also a couple of alternate business models you can use if you’re more advanced.